Les Rendez-vous de l'Autorité

The Autorité de la concurrence organises conferences twice a year entitled “Les Rendez-vous de l 'Autorité”. These events focus on current topics (gun jumping, algorithms, Internet giants) and on the functioning of economic sectors – major retailers, medicinal products, online gambling. They are also an opportunity to hear experts and economic stakeholders speak about draft guidelines (such as merger control, leniency or the settlement procedure).

6 November 2019: algorithms

Les algorithmes

The increasing use of algorithms by companies brings up new questions for competition regulators. In this perspective, the Autorité de la concurrence and the Bundeskartellamt have decided to launch a joint study that will provide an overview of the different algorithms and of the competitive issues that their use raises.

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What is the initial assessment of its implementation?
How could it be used abroad?
How might it change in the future?

Stakeholders (companies, judges, lawyers and academics) will be invited to exchange their views and experiences on its application. The development of compensatory remedies means that we will also be examining the relationship between use of the settlement procedure and actions seeking damages. The Autorité's draft procedural notice will be commented on in the light of the initial lessons learned from the public consultation undertaken.

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