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Terms and conditions of use

The “Legal Notices” below present the terms of access and use of the Autorité de la concurrence’s website and the content displayed on the site.  


In particular, the Autorité provides information for users about:

  • its organisation and missions, 
  • the decisions, merger control decisions and opinions it issues, as well as its press releases and publications.



Autorité de la concurrence 

11, rue de l 'Échelle

 75001 PARIS

 Tel: +33 (0)1 55 04 00 00

 Fax: +33 (0)1 55 04 00 44



Publication director: Isabelle de Silva

Site manager: Virginie Guin

Editors: Coralie Anadon, Chloé Duretête, Aurore Giovannini, Yannick Le Dorze, Frédéric Nassar

Translation: Bertille Gauthier, Provence Traductions

Iconography: Getty Images, Sandrine Roudeix, Autorité de la concurrence

Design – Website construction 


8 Passage Brûlon, 75012 Paris, France

+33 (0)1 44 74 36 66


Site hosting

OXYD SARL au 1 rue Mozart - 92110 Clichy.


Purpose and quality of content

The purpose of this site is to inform the general public, professionals and the media about the Autorité’s work. 

The Autorité ensures that this site is updated regularly and that, as soon as possible, it links the presentation of its decisions with any appeals lodged and with any references to rulings by the Paris Court of Appeal (Cour d’appel de Paris), the French Supreme Court (Cour de cassation) or the French Administrative Supreme Court (Conseil d 'État). This information can be found in the “Appeals” (Recours et pourvois) section of the summary sheet for each decision.

For any legislative and regulatory texts reproduced, only the version published in the French Official Journal (Journal officiel) is authentic.

The Autorité endeavours to provide high quality, verified information. If information appears to be inaccurate or contains a typographical error, you can report it to this address.


External links 

Some pages of this website may link, via external links, to other websites over which the Autorité has no control. The Autorité is not responsible for the content of these pages or the privacy measures of these websites. Therefore please read the privacy policy (protection, collection and use of data) of each of these websites.

The creation of hypertext links to the Autorité’s website is permitted. These links must mention the name of the Autorité de la concurrence explicitly. The Autorité is not responsible for hyperlinks created by external websites to its website, and it has no means of controlling the content of these sites.


 Intellectual property rights - Reproduction 

Reproduction of all or part of this website on electronic media is prohibited unless expressly authorised by the Publication Director.

Reproduction of text (notices, decisions, merger control decisions) on this website is permitted provided that the integrity of reproduced documents is respected and the source is cited.

Any electronic or hard copy reproduction must show the copyright of the Autorité de la concurrence.



Technical information

This website is optimized for a 1024 x 768 display. It will therefore adapt to tablet and smartphone formats.

The entire site is compatible with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari in their two latest versions.


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