Organisation chart

The Autorité de la concurrence is formed of nearly 200 people from a variety of backgrounds, with many different profiles, who combine their talents and expertise in different disciplines…

In accordance with the principle of separation of investigation and decision-making, the investigation teams are under the authority of the General Rapporteur.

The administrative services (under the authority of the Secretary General) and three specialised services (Office of the President, Legal Service and Communication Department) report directly to the Autorité’s President.

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Investigation teams

Cases are investigated by case officers (rapporteurs) with various profiles (judges, civil servants, economists, lawyers, engineers, etc.) under the direction of the General Rapporteur and the Deputy General Rapporteurs.

The investigation services consist of:

  • 6 Antitrust Units (anticompetitive practices, advisory activity, regulated Professions, etc.)
  • Inspections Unit (investigations, dawn raids, follow-up of litigation);
  • Mergers Unit (merger control)
  • Chief Economist’s Team (assessments, modelling and studies)
  • Digital Economy Unit (assessments, developing digital tools) and
  • Adviser to the General Rapporteur, Head of the Leniency and Europe Division
  • Adviser to the General Rapporteur, Head of the sustainable development network

The General Rapporteur is appointed by regulation of the Minister of the Economy having consulted the Board. The Deputy General Rapporteurs and the case officers (rapporteurs) are appointed by decision of the General Rapporteur, published in the Official Journal of the French Republic (Journal officiel).

Services reporting direct to the President

The Autorité’s President has several specialist services:

  • the Office of the President (responsible for institutional, European and international matters)
  • the Legal Service
  • the Communication Office

Administrative services

All the administrative services are led by the General Secretary, under the President’s authority. The services are:

  • Registry
  • Human Resources Unit
  • Budget Unit
  • IT Unit
  • Documentation Unit
  • Technical Support Unit

Hearing Adviser

Since 2008, the Autorité has had a procedural mediator known as the Hearing Adviser, who can be contacted by complainant or offending parties to prevent or address early on any difficulties encountered in the inter partes proceedings part of litigation.

The Hearing Adviser can also act ex officio. If he or she believes it to be useful, the Hearing Adviser can share advice or proposals with the General Rapporteur on the outcome of a procedure.

The Hearing Adviser does not make decisions. It is therefore by writing a report to the Autorité de la concurrence’s President, in advance of a hearing, that the Hearing Adviser intervenes.

Organisation Chart

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