Simple report

You wish to report an anticompetitive agreement. It can take several forms and in particular concerns:

  • Price fixing between competitors
  • A geographic market or customer distribution
  • A distorted call for tenders
  • Sharing sensitive commercial information
  • A limitation of outlets.

You wish to report an abuse of a company's dominant position. It targets the behaviour of a dominant company on a market and may in particular consist of:

  • A refusal to sell;
  • Tied sales;
  • Discriminatory sales conditions;
  • Predatory prices or loyalty discounts

Fields marked with an asterisk are required. If your report does not relate to any of the above practices, it may not be processed.


If your company is participating or participated in an anticompetitive agreement, applying for leniency can help you avoid a heavy fine by revealing these practices to the Autorité or by providing it with information which it did not previously have.