Decision 15-D-04 of

Decision 15-D-04 of 26 March 2015 on practices in the craft bakery sector

Presentation of the decision

Information about the decision

Origin of the case Conseil de la concurrence (auto saisine)
  • Mixed decision
  • Established practice(s)
  • Non-established practice(s)
  • Financial penalty
Company(ies) involved
  • Axiane Meunerie SAS (ex-Celbert), Minoteries Cantin SAS, Grands Moulins de Strasbourg SA, Nutrixo SAS, Euromill SAS, Grands Moulins de Paris SA, Euromill Nord SA, Grands Moulins Storione SA, Inter-Farine SA, A.R.I.A.N.E. SA, Axiane groupe SAS,
  • Moulins Soufflet SA, SA Estager, Nicot meunerie SAS, Moulins Joseph Nicot SAS, Dijon Céréales Meunerie SA, Minoterie Forest SAS, Minoterie du Trièves Corréard et fils SARL, SAS Céard, SARL Minoterie Batigne, Moulin de Sauret SAS

Remedies and Appeals

This decision was not appealed within the statutory period, it is thus final.