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The Autorité de la concurrence rejects the referral filed by the Musée de Montmartre against the InterMusées association

Musee Montmartre

The association Inter-Musées is a collective of several museums in the Ile-de-France region. It markets the « Paris Museum Pass » which gives access to these museums upon payment of a fixed price.

The Musée de Montmartre, which requested – without success- membership to the InterMusées association reports anticompetitive discrimination against it.

The information brought to the attention of the investigation services by the complainant are not sufficient. In particular, the accession of Musée de Montmartre to the association does not constitute, according to the details of the case, a condition for granting access to the market or maintaining its presence in it.

Further, the Law 2015-990 of 6 August 2015, known as the "Macron law", enables the Autorité to reject a referral when the facts stated can be handled by the Minister of Economy in accordance with Article L. 464-9 of the French Code of Commercial law, which applies as soon as the practices denounced have an impact on local markets, do not concern facts coming under European law and are implemented by a company with a turnover below 50 million euros. 

These conditions being fulfilled in the present case, the Autorité has decided to reject the complaint in view of the local dimension of the practices, exercising for the first time the power granted it by the "Macron law".

See the full text of Decision 17-D-22 regarding practices implemented in the sector of museums and monuments

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