Sale of train tickets: the Autorité is reviewing two commitments made by SNCF in 2014


Following a complaint lodged by travel agencies, SNCF had, in 2014 (decision 14-D-11), made commitments to the Autorité allowing travel agencies to compete on equal terms with the sales subsidiary in train ticket line

Claiming that competitive and regulatory developments had taken place in the markets since that date, SNCF requested the review of four of the commitments it had taken.

Following a public consultation organised in December 2020 (see press release of 12/17/2020), the Autorité granted its request on two commitments.

One concerns the reorganisation of the "Ravel" interface, which allows travel agencies to access SNCF information systems for the sale of train tickets. As this tool is no longer used by a very small number of actors and for limited volumes, and in the presence of alternative solutions, the commitment made was no longer necessary.

The other concerns a modification of the methods of control by the Autorité of the offers of the "Company Portal" (Portail entreprises) for "business" customers.

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