Given the health situation in France, the Autorité de la concurrence is forced to put in place extensive preventive measures. The services of the Autorité are working remotely since 17 March 2020.

Time limits for processing merger cases

Although we strive to ensure the continuity of public service, measures to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic will have an impact on our ability to deal with merger cases with our usual diligence. In particular, gathering information from third parties will be made more difficult. Therefore the Autorité will not be able to guarantee the usual processing times in the light of the situation, and the terms and conditions for examining transactions already notified or which will be notified in the coming weeks may be adjusted taking into account exceptional circumstances.


Postponement of economic merger projects

Companies are invited to postpone any plan for economic merger that is not urgent.


Exchange of documents

The Autorité’s premises closed at 11 a.m. On 17 March 2020. Deliveries of documents in physical form, by hand or by post are no longer possible. Companies are invited to communicate any notification or document exclusively by electronic means to the email address of the mergers unit: or by using the dematerialized notification platform (see details here). Delivery of the master copies documents will be arranged later.

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