The General Rapporteur of the Autorité de la concurrence indicates that unannounced inspections were carried out in the passenger rail transport, travel agency services and products distribution, and digital mobility systems sectors


Following authorisation from a liberty and custody judge, the investigation services of the Autorité de la concurrence carried out unannounced inspections at the premises of companies suspected of having implemented anticompetitive practices in the sectors of passenger rail transport, distribution of travel agency services and products, and digital mobility systems.

Such inspections do not prejudge the guilt of the companies concerned by the alleged practices, which can only be established following an investigation on the merits.

The Autorité de la concurrence will not comment further, whether on the entities or on the practices in question.


Information to undertakings

For the purpose of informing undertakings not concerned by inspections and ensuring equal access to the leniency programme for these undertakings, the Autorité publishes – save in particular circumstances – a press release upon completion of the inspections. The press release does not name the undertakings concerned by the inspections and does not violate the presumption of innocence.

Do you have concerns about past or current practices?
Act quickly by applying for our leniency programme, which enables you to report information to the Autorité de la concurrence that may help to establish the existence of anti-competitive practices.
For an initial informal and confidential discussion, please contact Anne Krenzer, our leniency advisor, at +33 1 55 04 00 46 or by e-mail.


Valentin Py
Valentin Py
Communication officer
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