The General Rapporteur of the Autorité de la concurrence indicates that unannounced inspections were carried out in the energy cable distribution sector in the French overseas territories


Following authorisation from a liberty and custody judge, the Investigation Services of the Autorité de la concurrence carried out unannounced inspections in mainland France and Réunion yesterday, at the premises of companies suspected of having implemented anticompetitive practices in the energy cable distribution sector in the French overseas territories.

Such inspections do not prejudge the guilt of the companies concerned by the alleged practices, which can only be established following an investigation on the merits.

The Autorité de la concurrence will not comment further, either on the entities or on the practices in question.


In accordance with Decree 2022-1284 of 3 October 2022, the Autorité de la concurrence has set up a specific system for the collection and processing of whistleblower reports.

The “whistleblower” system is reserved for private individuals who report or disclose, without direct financial compensation and in good faith, information concerning practices relating to cartels, abuses of dominant position and State aid. The system guarantees whistleblowers anonymity, confidentiality and protection from legal proceedings or professional retaliation.

How to make a report:

  • directly on the Autorité de la concurrence website, using a specific form;
  • by telephone, using a dedicated number (+33 1 55 04 00 05);
  • by post, using a double envelope system.

 Find out more about the “whistleblower” system


Nicola Crawford
Nicola Crawford
Communication officer
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