How to implement a competition compliance policy within the company

It is up to each company to put in place a competition compliance policy. There is no such thing as a standard programme - each company will have to develop its own "tailor-made" programme, depending on the nature of its business, the competitive risks it faces and the sector in which it operates. However, practice has shown that there is a core set of characteristics that ensure the effectiveness of a compliance programme:

  • a clear, firm and public commitment by management to strict compliance with competition rules;
  • the appointment of a contact person within the company, who is responsible for the proper implementation of the programme and, more generally, the compliance policy;
  • the implementation of awareness-raising, information and training actions for personnel;
  • the introduction of control, audit and warning mechanisms;
  • the implementation of a follow-up system in case infringements are discovered.


Here are some concrete tools to help you build your programme

compliance programme framework document

risk mapping