Decision 19-D-20 of

regarding practices implemented in the sector of perfumes and cosmetics distribution in the French Antilles, French Guiana and La Réunion

Presentation of the decision


Information about the decision

Origin of the case Sodex Ody Gombaud Saintonge SARL, Phoenicia SARL, Phoenicia Parfums SARL
  • Established practice(s)
  • Sanctions pécuniaires
  • Settlement
Company(ies) involved
  • Procter & Gamble International Operations SA, The Procter & Gamble Company, Parfumerie d’Outremer, Seraco SARL, Sofrapar SAS, HFC Prestige International Operations Switzerland SARL, Coty Inc., Coty Geneva SARL Versoix, Chanel SAS, Chanel International B.V

Remedies and Appeals

This decision was not appealed within the statutory period, it is thus final.