The Autorité de la concurrence and the PEReN sign an agreement on the terms of their cooperation



The Autorité de la concurrence and the Digital Regulation Expertise Cluster (PEReN) have signed an agreement specifying the conditions under which PEReN will provide the Autorité de la concurrence with technical assistance to help it carry out its missions. The cluster will thus be able to intervene in data analysis, source codes, computer programs, algorithmic processing, and algorithm auditing, and provide its technical expertise in the context of reviews, investigations, dossiers or studies relating to digital platforms. This assistance may include the appointment of PEReN staff as external rapporteurs. This signature is part of the general desire of the authorities to put in place the means, particularly the technical means, to effectively address the challenges of the digital economy.

The Autorité de la concurrence has extensive experience in the digital field, particularly in view of its remit to review anti-competitive practices. In September 2020, it wished to develop significant expertise by creating the Digital Economy Unit, with expert profiles in data science. Lastly, digital issues have been a priority for the Autorité for several years.

PEReN is an innovative national service, created by Decree No 2020-1102 of 31 August 2020, placed under the joint authority of Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery, Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin, Minister of Culture, and Cédric O, Minister of State for the Digital Transition and Electronic Communication, and administratively attached to the Director General of Enterprises. Its objective is to be a centre of excellence capable of supporting all the State administrations involved in the regulation of digital platforms (independent administrative authorities and ministerial departments), by providing them with technical assistance in the fields of data processing, data science and algorithmic processes.

Thanks to the signing of this agreement, the work devoted in particular to the development and optimisation of tools allowing the automatic and standardised retrieval of information accessible online will be able to intensify. They will subsequently benefit all State services that intervene in matters of digital platforms regulation.

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Bertille Gauthier
Bertille Gauthier
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