4 November 2010: Appointments at the Autorité de la concurrence


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Etienne Pfister joins the Investigation Services with the position of deputy Rapporteur General. He is replaced by Valérie Meunier, who becomes the new deputy chief economist.
Simon Genevaz and Gwenaëlle Nouët are promoted deputy heads of the Mergers Unit. .


A new deputy Rapporteur General

Etienne Pfister is appointed deputy Rapporteur General of the Autorité de la concurrence to manage one of the Investigation Services. He replaces Jean-Marc Belorgey, who expressed the desire to leave his position. The Autorité thanks him warmly for his remarkable contribution to the institution in the last five years.

Since February, Etienne Pfister was the deputy chief economist for Thibaud Vergé after having served as economist at the Autorité from 2007 to 2009..

Etienne holds a PhD and is senior lecturer in economics. He has notably focused on researching issues related to distribution, innovation and intellectual property. At the Autorité, he has brought economic expertise to several litigious and consultative cases, as well as to mergers.
Under the authority of the Rapporteur General, Virginie Beaumeunier, he took office on October the 1st. .


A new deputy chief economist

Valérie Meunier is appointed deputy chief economist for Thibaud Vergé as replacement for Etienne Pfister.
Valérie holds a PhD in economics (Toulouse University) and joined the Autorité in September 2007 as economist.
Within the economic service and backing the Investigation Services, she has enriched several litigious and consultative cases with her expertise. Valérie has just spent several months at the OFT (Office of Fair Trading), where she has participated to works in the area of financial services. 


In keeping with the development of its activities1, the Mergers Unit is growing

Simon Genevaz and Gwenaëlle Nouët have been appointed deputy heads of the Mergers Unit. Under the authority of Nadine Mouy, they will coordinate case officer teams dedicated to merger examinations. These nominations follow on Marc Baudry’s departure, former deputy head of Unit, who wished to further a personal project by taking over the management of a family company, after having actively contributed to the unit’s launch.

Graduated from the École Normale Supérieure de Cachan (one of the major french Grandes Ecoles), graduated in law from the University of Rennes and from the Harvard Law School, Simon Genevaz has collaborated three years in a Brussels-based law firm, where he devoted his efforts to competition law.
For more than three years, Simon served as case officer at the Autorité. He has notably worked on issues related to markets newly opened to competition, such as energy.
He has just spent six months at the FTC (US Federal Trade Commission), where he was part of a team examining mergers. 


Gwenaëlle Nouët holds a post-graduate degree in European business law. For two years, she worked in the mergers office at the DGCCRF and then, from 2001 to 2005, in the DG Comp, where she was in charge of merger cases.
Case officer at the Autorité since 2005, Gwenaëlle has investigated various litigious cases and has examined several mergers.


1 115 operations have been notified between March 2009 (when the Autorité was created) and December 2009, versus 167 since the 1st of January. 94 decisions have been issued between March and December 2009, versus 144 since the beginning of 2010.


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