The Autorité de la concurrence clears the merger but Carrefour undertakes to divest 56 shops.

On 18 August 2014, the European Commission referred to the Autorité de la concurrence the review of the acquisition sole control of Dia France SAS (hereinafter "Dia”) by Carrefour France SAS (hereinafter "Carrefour"). Dia has more than 800 retail outlets operated directly or under a franchise. The merger case was submitted on 25 September 2014.
After an extensive consultation of market players, as well as a detailed examination of each catchment area concerned, the Autorité considered that the transaction would be likely to harm competition in 56 local markets. To address these concerns, Carrefour undertakes to divest 56 shops.
The analysis resulted in the identification by the Autorité of 56 problematic catchment areas
After a detailed examination, the Autorité found that the operation would significantly strengthen Carrefour’s presence in the food distribution market in 56 catchment areas, of which 12 are located in Paris (see the list of catchment areas below).
In these areas, the parties’ retail outlets accumulate high market share, without their current competitors being able to exercise sufficient competitive pressure to restrict the new entity’s conduct, especially in terms of price.
To remove the risks of restricting competition, Carrefour has undertaken to divest 50 shops and to terminate 6 franchise agreements
In the areas in question, the companies that are part of the merger are operating through directly-owned shops or sales outlets that are run under a franchise contract. Carrefour has thus undertaken to sell off 50 directly-owned shops. In the case of the 6 additional shops, currently run under a franchise, Carrefour undertakes to cancel the current franchise agreements.
These remedies will make it possible to maintain a balanced competition by removing the additional market share gained through the acquisition of Dia. These commitments are designed to provide the consumers concerned with a competitive and diversified offer for their food shopping
For a period of ten years, Carrefour will be prohibited from acquiring direct or indirect influence over all or part of the assets transferred.
An independent trustee will be responsible for ensuring that these commitments are fully complied with.

Catchment areas where the shops must be sold or franchise agreements terminated (around Dias located at the following addresses):

Attin (62 170)

route nationale 39

Avesnes-sur-Helpe (59 440)

rue de Cartignies

Belley (01 300)

route nationale 504

Bourg-en-Bresse (01 000)

avenue du Mail

Carros (06 033)

centre commercial

Chars (95 750)

ZA des 9 Arpents

Châtillon-en-Michaille (01 200)

avenue de Lattre de Tassigny

Courbevoie (92 400)

rue de l’Alma

Courbevoie (92 400)

avenue Marceau

Créon (33 670)

Le Bourg

Digne-les-Bains (04 000)

avenue du colonel Noël

Drancy (93700)

rue Henri Barbusse

Ernée (53 500)

avenue Aristide Briand

Estrée-Blanche (62145)

rue François Denoeu

Evry (91000)

cours Blaise Pascal

Falaise (14 700)

route de Putanges 

Fruges (62310)

rue du Fort du Rietz 

Gex (01170)

ZA de l’Aiglette

Halloy (60 210)

rue de Beauvais

Ham (80 400)

rue Baudelaire

L’Argentière-la-Bessée (05 120)

rue du Plan d’Ergue

Lagnieu (01 150)

avenue de Montferrand

Lamotte-Beuvron (41 600)

avenue de Vierzon

Le Blanc-Mesnil (93 150)

rue Daniel Casanova

Les Pennes-Mirabeau (13 170)

chemin de la Voilerie

Les Vans (07 140)

C.C de la Clairette

Lille (59 800)

rue du Molinel 

Limours (91 338)

centre commercial Arcades

Lyon (69 003)

boulevard Eugène Deruelle

Lyon (69 008)

avenue des Frères Lumière

Marseille (13 015)

chemin de Madrague Ville

Marseille (13 015)

chemin du Moulinet 

Marvejols (48 100)

promenade Louis Cabanette

Montreuil (93 100)

boulevard Rouget de l’Isle 

Montrouge (92 120)

rue Barbès 

Montrouge (92 120)

avenue de la République

Morzine (74 110)

route de la Plagne

Orbec (14 290)

route de Lisieux

Paris (75 005)

rue Pierre Nicole 

Paris (75 006)

rue de Sèvres 

Paris (75 009)

rue de Dunkerque 

Paris (75 011)

rue du faubourg St-Antoine

Paris (75 012)

avenue du général Michel Bizot

Paris (75 016)

avenue de Versailles 

Paris (75 016)

avenue de Versailles 

Paris (75 018)

rue d’Orsel

Paris (75 018)

rue Francoeur 

Paris (75 018)

rue Dejean 

Paris (75 018)

boulevard de Clichy 

Paris (75 018)

boulevard Barbès 

Pezenas (34 120)

avenue de Verdun

Quillan (11 500)

avenue François Mitterrand

Sainte-Maxime (83 120)

route du Plan de la Tour

Tremblay-en-France (93 290)

avenue Nelson Mandela

Uzès (30 334)

route départementale 981

Vincennes (94 300)

rue de France


> For more details on this case, see the full text of decision 14-DCC-173 of 21 November 2014 in relation to the exclusive takeover of Société Dia France SAS by Société Carrefour France SAS.

> Press contact: Virginie Guin / Tel.: 01 55 04 02 62 / Mel

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