Parcel delivery: La Poste makes commitments regarding the calculation of its discounts on parcel deliveries.


The Autorité had informed La Poste of its competition concerns regarding the calculation of discounts for the delivery of parcels from online sales sites.

Such rebates could encourage customers to entrust their out-of-home and home deliveries to La Poste without competitors being able to compete with these discounts, given that a large number of customers are forced to contact La Poste for a certain part of their home parcel delivery.

In response to these competition concerns, La Poste notably proposed to:

  • put an end to any price coupling between his home and out-of-home package deliveries by fixing separately the rebates associated with each of these types of delivery;
  • remove, for home parcel deliveries, the loyalty effects resulting from rebates and which are likely to harm the development of competition.

The Autorité made these commitments mandatory and closed the case opened before it, as it responds to competition concerns - La Poste's competitors are able to compete with La Poste.

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