Life of the institution

Isabelle de Silva presents the report to the press and the perspectives of the institution


With 316 decisions and opinions issued, 632 million euros of penalty pronounced, the Autorité experienced an intense activity in 2019. In terms of merger control, the institution has set a new record with 270 transactions examined. Several litigation decisions have also had a considerable echo: for example the meal vouchers cartel, or the cartel in the fruit-compote sector or the fine imposed on Google for abuse of a dominant position in the online advertising sector. The Autorité has also issued major opinions such as those concerning the audiovisual reform, the medicinal products distribution and the competitive situation in oversea territories.

Beyond the annual report, the summary highlighted important cases of the first half of 2020, such as the fine handed down to Apple for practices implemented within its distribution network or even the urgent interim measures imposed on Google regarding neighbouring rights. It also introduced the Autorité's perspectives and areas of work for the coming months.

2019 annual report

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