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The acquisition of Groupe Nice Matin by NJJ, controlled by Xavier Niel, cleared

Published on January 20, 2020


The competitive analysis of the transaction has led to an examination of the risk of ‘tied selling’ between the various national daily newspapers, magazines and regional daily newspapers published by the parties, as well as between the advertising space and classified ads in these publications.

Noting the very marked differences between the readership of these different newspapers and the low paid circulation of the newspapers published by NJJ in the Var and Alpes-Maritimes départements, the Autorité ruled out any risk of coupling these different NJJ activities to the detriment of readers following the transaction. For the same reasons, the Autorité has ruled out such a risk with regard to classified advertisements.

Having noted the differences between the advertisers of the regional newspapers published by GNM and the national publications of NJJ, the Autorité also ruled out the risk of tied selling of advertising space in the various titles published by the new entity.

The Autorité de la concurrence therefore cleared the transaction without conditions.