Decision 16-D-20 of

regarding practices implemented in the sector of modelling agency services

Presentation of the decision

Information about the decision

Origin of the case Autorité de la concurrence (auto saisine)
  • Mixed decision
  • Cleared out
  • Order to publish
  • Established practice(s)
  • Financial penalty
Company(ies) involved
  • Angels Models Management, MP Paris, V.I.P. Models SYNAM, L’Agence, Agence DI, Agence People-Coccinelle, BananasMambo, SARL Bout’chou, Catlinka-Privilège, City Models, Crystal Model Agency’s, Dynamite, Elite Model Management, Enjoy Models Management,
  • Exception, Premium Models, Frimousse SARL, Happy Communication, Hinolisari-Success, Hourra !, Models SARL, Idole Model Management, International Management Group, International Publicity Services, Karin Models, Kid et Feel, Marilyn Agency,
  • Metropolitan Models, New Madison, Next Management Paris, Nouvelle Ere, Ovation, Perfect Models SARL, Profil, Rebecca, Regard’s, Smith & Smith Characters, Viva Model Management, Women Mangement, Women Management (venant aux droits de Nathalie), Zenith Mode

Remedies and Appeals