13 December 2017: The Autorité de la concurrence welcomes the establishment of the Autorité de la concurrence calédonienne

It was with great pleasure and satisfaction that the Autorité de la concurrence learned about the approval, on 12 December 2017, given by the Congress of New Caledonia of the 5 candidates proposed by the government of New Caledonia who will make up the new competition authority in New Caledonia. 
The appointment of the President and the members of the Board, as well as of the General rapporteur marks the operational launch of this institution and represents the culmination of a five-year process in which the Autorité de la concurrence actively participated.

The Autorité de la concurrence had, as early as 2012, called for the creation of an independent authority in charge of the competitive regulation in New Caledonia1. It materialized by the law of the country n° 2014-12 of 24 April 2014 establishing the competition authority in New Caledonia.

President Isabelle de Silva congratulates the new institution: "With this decision, New Caledonia engages, under the careful monitoring of an independent monitor, in the dynamics of competition which will benefit the community’s economy. It is a brave choice, applauded by the Autorité de la concurrence".


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