Medical biology laboratories: green light, subject to conditions, to the acquisition of the Laborizon group by the Biogroup group


The transaction does not, by itself, raise competition concerns in the upstream supply markets with suppliers as well as in the medical biology markets in most of the local areas studied. However, the Authority considered, on the other hand, that there were serious risks of harm to competition in the market for routine medical biology examinations in Vendée.

Within this department, the strengthening of the position of the new entity in the considerered market is not compensated by a credible and sufficient alternative offer from the competiting operators.

In order to maintain the intensity of competition, the new entity has committed to divest from all the medical analysis locations hold by Biogroup :

  • The medical analysis location of Sèvre Biologie, which has a technical platform, located in Mortagne-sur-Sèvre (85 290)
  • The medical analysis location of  Sèvre Biologie, located in Les Herbiers (85 500)
  • The medical analysis location of  Sèvre Biologie, located in Pouzaugues (85 700)
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