Arts and culture

The Autorité was asked by the Cultural Affairs and Education Committee of the Assemblée nationale to give an opinion on the contemporary music sector and live entertainment


The National Assembly’s Cultural Affairs and Education Committee referred the matter to the Autorité de la concurrence, on the basis of the provisions of Article L. 462-1 of the French Commercial Code (Code de commerce), for an opinion on current developments in the contemporary music sector, and live entertainment in particular. It notes in particular that the contemporary music sector is undergoing major changes and that members of the profession are observing with concern a phenomenon of concentration that may be impacting concert halls and contemporary music festivals, as well as ticket sales and artistic production.

The Autorité will question various stakeholders in the contemporary music sector in order to assess the extent of this concentration phenomenon and the possible risks it entails. The live performance sector of contemporary music has been greatly impacted by the Covid­19 health emergency, the Autorité will pay particular attention to the possible consequences of the health emergency crisis.

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