The Autorité starts inquiries ex officio into the generative artificial intelligence sector and launches a public consultation

The booming generative artificial intelligence sector is expected to be worth €42 billion in 2023 (double the 2022 figure) and could even exceed annual revenue of €200 billion by 2030. This new sector is rapidly taking shape around digital companies that already have a strong presence in adjacent markets, such cloud services. Given the high stakes and the very rapid development of this sector, the Autorité de la concurrence has decided to start inquiries ex officio to analyse its competitive functioning, and will issue an opinion in the coming months.

This opinion will examine the strategies implemented by major digital players aimed at consolidating – or leveraging – their current market power upstream in the generative artificial intelligence value chain, in order to expand in this booming sector. The Autorité will look in particular at the practices implemented by players that are already present in the cloud infrastructure sector and at issues relating to access to cloud infrastructure, data and skilled workforces. It will also examine investments by major digital players in innovative companies specialised in generative artificial intelligence.

As part of its inquiries, the Autorité is today launching a public consultation to gather comments from stakeholders, who are invited to respond to the Autorité’s questions and submit their answers by Friday, 22 March to

These contributions will feed into the Autorité’s work and be incorporated into the final opinion.

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