The French economy is currently recovering from a succession of crises that have revealed its vulnerabilities but also confirmed its resilience and its capacity to adapt to change. Its ability to return to strong, sustainable and equitable growth will depend on the initiatives of the various stakeholders - State, companies and households - and on confidence in the fair operation of the markets.

The Autorité de la concurrence uses all the instruments given to it by law to combat anticompetitive practices and the excessive concentration of market power, to protect consumers and companies and support innovation, competitiveness and purchasing power. It also provides advice and recommendations to the Government to promote a pro-competitive legislative environment. Lastly, it provides guidance to economic stakeholders with a view to encouraging behaviour that complies with competition rules.

The inflationary crisis requires the Autorité to pay particular attention to competition conditions in the sectors that matter most to household budgets, such as energy, consumer goods and agriculture. The competitive challenges of the digital economy continue to be a priority that warrants long-term commitment and the deployment of significant resources. However, these concerns cannot conceal another collective imperative, namely the transition to a low-carbon economy. The Autorité is determined to act, within the framework of the missions entrusted to it, to support this movement and anticipate its consequences for the functioning of our economy.

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