In 2024, the Autorité de la concurrence is extending its commitment to fighting everyday sexism by joining the inter-company #StOpE initiative to end everyday sexism in the workplace. On January 25, France’s national anti-sexism day, the Autorité attended the annual #StOpE event alongside 71 other new signatory organisations and companies.

Joining the #StOpE initiative is one of the 20 actions identified by the Autorité in the 2023-2025 “Diversity and Inclusion” roadmap. The Autorité is the first independent administrative authority to join the #StOpE initiative.

The #StOpE initiative was created in 2018 and now has 199 signatories from across the private and public sectors. The aim is to pool energies to fight everyday sexism in the workplace and disseminate actions and best practices.

To that end, the #StOpE initiative is building a network of employers that pledge to take action on the eight priorities set out in the #StOpE charter:

  • DISPLAY and APPLY the zero-tolerance principle
  • RAISE AWARENESS of sexist behaviour (acts, words, attitudes) and their impacts
  • PROVIDE TARGETED TRAINING on obligations and best practices related to fighting everyday sexism
  • CIRCULATE educational material to help employees address sexist behaviour in the workplace
  • ENCOURAGE all employees to contribute, i.e. to prevent and identify sexist behaviour and to respond when faced with everyday sexism
  • PREVENT situations involving sexism and provide individual support for victims and witnesses so they can report sexist behaviour and for decision-makers so they can address the behaviour
  • PUNISH reprehensible behaviour and communicate on the associated disciplinary measures
  • MEASURE and introduce indicators to monitor progress

The initiative is placed under the high patronage of the French Ministry for Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities. Since 2021, #StOpE has been supported and led by the French association of diversity managers (Association française des managers de la diversité – AFMD).

Benoit Coeuré
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