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The Autorité de la concurrence introduces the first network visualization tool to explore its publications


The Autorité de la concurrence publishes on its website the first interactive network graph tool capable of identifying within the Autorité's publications (meaning the decisions, opinions and interim measures published between 2009 and 2021) the references to its other publications and to represent these interconnections in a graph.

Developed by the Autorité's Digital Economy Unit, in partnership with CodeX "Computational Antitrust", this tool - designed for the antitrust community (case handlers, scholars, lawyers, etc) - takes the form of a network graph in which the Autorité’s publications are represented and connected with each other by their citations. It allows the identification of the interconnections between different publications at first glance and gives an overview of the Autorité's antitrust cases.

Thanks to the tool's different filters, the user can highlight a specific publication by its name (e.g., “18-A-03”), by sector (e.g. "Digital") or according to a time period.


The goal of this tool is to offer the user the possibility to:

  • Get a visual overview of French antitrust cases
  • Create a bibliography for research projects (starting with a reference or a sector, the user will be able to use the tool to fill in the gaps and find closely related publications
  • Identify all key publications: users can visualize important French antitrust publications based on their impact on newer publications (number of citations) and the importance of web audience
  • Discover the most relevant prior and derivative works

The visualization tool developed by the Autorité along with the entirety of the data are accessible to all as open data on the Autorité's GitHub.

The Digital Economy Unit will provide its support to researchers interested in these topics.

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